FIESTA high all over the country! St. John the Baptist owns the last two weeks of June in commemorating Christ’s baptism at the river Jordan!

Sulay Basya in Sara, Iloilo. “Sulay” is Hiligaynon for getting wet, “basya” is intentionally dousing with water.

Baroto sa Lutac in Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.

San Juan City, NCR
Taong Putik, Aliaga. Mud-covered St.John devotees on parade.

Parada ng Lechon, Balayan, Batangas. Street parade of gaily-decked roasted pigs, revelry includes water dousing so prepare to get wet.

In Negros Occidental, people celebrate the Mudpack Festival every third week of June. It’s a commemoration of being close to nature, where the merrymakers pack their faces and bodies with mud, hold dance competitions, and of course — EAT!

No need to book a flight for a festival experience — head on to a Kamayan near you for a fiesta treat!



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